Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing


A 1 hour experience with viking mead ( beer) From 26.95€ inc a secrete prize for the winner to remember the great experience. Inc class by viking warrior


Did you know that?… The first alcoholic beverage in the world is mead , which comes from a fermentation process of water and honey, where fermentable sugars are converted into alcohol, giving it a unique flavor, the first fermentations are prior to wine and probably a precursor to beer.

Its use was widespread among ancient peoples. In Europe it was consumed abundantly by the Greeks, Celts, Saxons and the barbarians of the north. The Greeks gave it the name melikraton and the Latins called it mulsum water.

According to Pliny, the first recipe for the manufacture of mead was given by Aristeo, King of Arcadia. Columella, a Latin writer from the beginning of our era, mentions in his work De re rustica numerous formulations used by the Romans.

In our fridge you can find up to 20 different types of mead. From traditional, fruity, spicy and even spicy. We present each of our products so that you can choose the one that best suits your palate! Enjoy Vikings and Vikings!24.